Dee Fretwell

Dee Fretwell has been directing operations of Oregon businesses since 1998. Currently, Dee is the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Modern Roots Foundation, is in the middle of completing her MBA and until recently held her position as VP of Operations at EcoTeas for over 9 years. Fretwell’s business approach blends a straight-shooting communication style with a casual format that ultimately leads to a fun and efficient experience. Systematization and efficiencies are at the top of Fretwell’s list of must-haves in any business.

Dee’s Monday Sessions:

Managing the Early Years: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Starting a Nonprofit

Tips from successful non-profit founders on how to make your organization a success. Join our three panelists, with experience in nonprofit organizations meeting a wide range of community needs; including art, music,wilderness trail access and fair trade. Hear their stories, learn what worked and what didn’t, and get the inside scoop on the good, bad and ugly of building an effective nonprofit from scratch. Bring a few questions and a notebook for a list of helpful resources.

Brad Russell will moderate a panel of local experts including Gabe Howe, Dee Fretwell & Denise Baxter