Brenda Johnson

Brenda Johnson has more than 16 years of non-profit leadership experience in migrant and community health care and community development.  Brenda is known as a collaborative leader who has worked in the field of child abuse prevention, public health, and health disparities, and as CEO of La Clinica, leads in the provision of medical, dental and social services to the diverse and low-income populations in Southern Oregon. Brenda has served on the Board of Directors for several local, regional, and state organizations focused on improving the health and well being of people who live in poverty. Brenda notes she is grateful to witness the power and resilience of the human spirit, and is fascinated with what is possible when individuals and organizations align in service to a common purpose.  Brenda spends her free time in love with her family and friends – playing.



Brenda’s Monday Session:

Challenges of the Mature Nonprofit

Join our expert panel of seasoned board members and executive directors for a discussion about the challenges of established nonprofits.

Gain a fresh perspective on some of the issues mature boards can face. Learn different ways to approach the challenges related to succession planning, board and staff recruitment, and development. Explore ideas for successfully navigating your nonprofit through times of change. Gather some great ideas for reinvigorating your mission and reigniting board and staff enthusiasm.

You can participate by bringing your questions about some of the challenges your established non-profit is experiencing to our panel of experts.

Janet Troy will moderate a panel of experts including Brenda Johnson, Dan Thorndike, Gail Lopes & Jane Kenworthy