Wenonoa Spivak

Wenonoa Spivak joined CASA in July of 2013 and was recently named the Deputy Director.
Right after college, Wenonoa joined the Peace Corps as a health volunteer in Honduras, Central America and is fluent in Spanish. This experience instilled in her a belief in and dedication to social service and helping those most marginalized and at-risk.

After leaving Peace Corps, Wenonoa worked in Texas running one of the largest
domestic and sexual violence advocacy training programs and hotlines; she was also a social worker for families living in poverty and afflicted by alcohol and drug abuse.

Wenonoa has worked as a CPS case worker in Arizona and Oregon and as a hospice
educator and medical interpreter in Salem. Wenonoa and her husband lived overseas in Micronesia where she taught 8 different language groups at the college.

Just prior to returning to Oregon and working for CASA, Wenonoa was a Professor of
linguistics and education at a university in Ohio. Wenonoa holds a B.S. in Public Health, a Master’s in Education, and is a doctoral candidate in Applied Linguistics.

In her free time, Wenonoa enjoys road and mountain biking, traveling, and kayaking.



Wenonoa’s Monday Session:

The Value of Volunteers: How to Recruit, Retain & Recognize

How is it different to recruit a Millennial volunteer from a Baby Boomer volunteer, and  how can organizations attract Generation X volunteers? After your volunteers have signed up with your organization, how can you keep them around for years to come, and on the flip side, if they don’t work out, how do you fire a volunteer? What are some tried and true practices of recognizing your volunteers, and what are some that are a little more outside the box? Join our session to learn answers to these questions and more as this experienced panel shares their lessons with you.

Please join our expert panel as they share how to recruit, retain and recognize this essential part of your nonprofit.

Becky Snyder, Executive Director,  Community Volunteer Network

Ashley Hughes, Program Manager, Teresa McCormick Center
Erin Deason Carpenter, Development and Media Manager, CASA of Jackson County
Julie Barry, Principal, Ruch Community School
Wenonoa Spivak, Deputy Director, CASA of Jackson County