Mary Ferrell

Mary Ferrell is the founder and Executive Director of Maslow Project. Born and raised in Medford, Oregon, Mary graduated from Southern Oregon University and began working with homeless children and families through the Medford School District in 2000. After working directly with homeless children and families for several years, Mary saw the need for a “youth-centric” one-stop resource center where kids and families could quickly and easily access essential needs and support services all in one location.

Maslow Project was started as a grassroots effort in 2006 and was founded as a nonprofit organization officially in 2009. Maslow Project has since received national recognition for its program model serving homeless youth and has been featured internationally in media outlets such as New York Times, BBC, and 20/20. Mary also serves in various other community and statewide efforts to work toward a better Oregon for all.



Mary’s Monday Session:

Federal and State Funding Shifts: What Nonprofits Need to Know

Government budgets are shrinking at every level. The first sweeping changes to federal tax laws have passed and the federal budget has been negotiated. The flow of funding to nonprofits is changing. As the past reveals, when public funds shrink, nonprofits are asked to do both more with less, acquiring greater caseloads and amped up requirements for performance. More will be expected from nonprofit leaders to deliver effective and efficient programs as entrenched social, economic and environmental issues grow in our society. During this session, we will explore opportunities and challenges brought on by the changes in public sector funding and review opportunities for nonprofits as they navigate through this changing environment.

Presented by Jim White, Executive Director, Nonprofit Association of Oregon