Kathy Bryon

Kathy Bryon serves as the Executive Director of the Gordon Elwood Foundation whose mission is to invest in southern Oregon’s youth, individuals, families and communities. ( Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, and Curry counties.) In addition to awarding small grants the foundation supports community and leadership development in alignment
with the foundation vision and goals, as well as promotes three regional learning communities that continue to impact thousands of residents of southern Oregon, if not the state: Jefferson Regional Health Alliance, Southern Oregon Success and Jefferson e Funders Forum.

Kathy brings to her position multiple decades of working and volunteering in the non-profit sector, which in turn is influenced by her educational background in Public Health and Biology. Throughout her career, Kathy has facilitated organizations and their people through personal and systemic transformation, creating opportunities for leadership development, successful collaboration, strategic thinking and improved client-centered outcomes. A Fellow of Oregon’s American Leadership Forum, Class 17, Kathy’s most joyful experiences include raising her two sons and hiking in wild places with friends and family.



Kathy’s Monday Session:

Reaching Our Troubled Youth: Strategies for Prevention, Intervention and Suppression

Our local Gang Prevention Task Force will have representatives from all backgrounds share real life stories, statistics and facts about troubled youth in Southern Oregon.

Nonprofits are on the front lines dealing with gang issues in the community, offering help and services to families and youth in need.  The Task Force will help your organization learn more about the available networks that focus on troubled youth and recommend specific mobilization strategies for prevention, intervention and suppression.

A comprehensive survey shows 16 active gangs in our area, with 95% of members between the ages of 13 and 25.   Parent involvement, employment, job training, school programs, mentoring, and recreation programs are all effective ways to reach troubled youth.  “A repeated finding was that having a meaningful, trusted connection with at least one caring, competent adult was the core of resilience.” ~ Kenneth R. Ginsburg & Sara B. Kinsman

Gang prevention requires our communities work together to access and intervene for high risk youth who are vulnerable to recruitment.  Successful prevention assures less work on intervention and suppression efforts – but all three approaches are actively needed.

Please join our expert panel members to learn what is being done and what you and your organization can do to help.

Brad Russell, Executive Director, Rogue Valley Family YMCA 

Joe Ferguson, Jackson County Juvenile Services Deputy Director
Mark Patterson, School Resource Police Officer
Matt SweeneyYouth 71Five Ministries
Phil Ortega, Life Art & Eagle Point School District Student Services
Troy WohoskySpartan Boxing Gym