Kathy Bryon

Kathy Bryon serves as the Executive Director of the Gordon Elwood Foundation whose mission is to invest in southern Oregon’s youth, individuals, families and communities. ( Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, and Curry counties.) In addition to awarding small grants the foundation supports community and leadership development in alignment
with the foundation vision and goals, as well as promotes three regional learning communities that continue to impact thousands of residents of southern Oregon, if not the state: Jefferson Regional Health Alliance, Southern Oregon Success and Jefferson e Funders Forum.

Kathy brings to her position multiple decades of working and volunteering in the non-profit sector, which in turn is influenced by her educational background in Public Health and Biology. Throughout her career, Kathy has facilitated organizations and their people through personal and systemic transformation, creating opportunities for leadership development, successful collaboration, strategic thinking and improved client-centered outcomes. A Fellow of Oregon’s American Leadership Forum, Class 17, Kathy’s most joyful experiences include raising her two sons and hiking in wild places with friends and family.



Kathy’s Monday Session:

From Heartache to Healing – When Rural Communities Face Tragedy Together

Our region has been challenged by natural disasters and human tragedies.  For rural communities, unexpected catastrophes create unique demands and challenges.  Facing limited infrastructure and often ill-defined communication plans, communities fall back on the nonprofit sector for support.  How do we, as nonprofits, rise together using whatever community resources exist, to successfully serve and seamlessly do what is needed with or without warning? When tragedy strikes us personally, as well as our community, how do we cope over the longer period of healing and reconstructing?

Please join our expert panel members in exploring together experiences with their communities’ response to tragedy and the transition towards long-term healing.

Kathy Bryon, Executive Director, Gordon Elwood Foundation 

Anne Kubisch, President, Ford Family Foundation
Bryan Trenkle, Director, Greater Douglas United Way
Gina Zottola, Executive Director, Wild Rivers Community Foundation