Heidi Khokhar

Heidi Khokhar is the Executive Director of Rural Development Initiatives. Her RDI journey began in 1998 when she helped assist on several community strategic plans and discovered her passion for helping rural communities thrive. Khokhar participated in RDI’s Rural Futures Forum where she fell in love with the transformational power of leadership development. She could never have anticipated that her own rural background would so passionately align with RDI’s mission, nor that she would make building leadership and encouraging prosperity in rural communities my career. A lot has changed since 1998. Over the years, Khokhar has worked directly in over 50 rural communities in the Pacific Northwest and with a vast network of rural leaders through RDI’s Ford Institute Leadership Program. She helped design, deliver, and author the leadership program and, for seven years, managed the expansion of what is now the army of highly engaged volunteer leaders which make up the Community Ambassador Team. She is excited about the future of RDI, and as Executive Director, she is committed to RDI’s vision of vibrant, diverse rural communities as a result of skilled, inclusive local leadership and robust community-led efforts.



Heidi’s Tuesday Session:

The Happy Healthy Nonprofit:  Resilience from the Inside Out

This day-long workshop is about why self-care is part of doing effective nonprofit work, how to practice it, and how nonprofits can bring a culture of wellbeing into their workplaces and get better results – save money, increase productivity, and attract top talent.

To succeed in a complex world, nonprofit leaders need to build their resilience by developing robust skills in self-awareness and self-management.  Stress and the resulting burnout can be self-inflicted unless we learn how our inner dialogue drives our actions and we incorporate a strategy to make self-care a regular habit.

It isn’t just about our inner-self, it is also how we relate to other people and manage those relationships, especially in the workplace. If we lack the skills to avoid collaborative overload, manage difficult conversations, learn from failure, or create a culture of well being, the resulting physical, emotional, and mental strain gets in the way of our organization’s success.

This master class will focus on practical ways that fundraisers can build resilience for themselves and their team.  Together we can overcome the pitfalls of negative habits and toxic workplace environments to develop a replenishable source of energy, inspiration, and joy.

Part 1:  Inner Resilience

Understand how to avoid burnout by creating a self-care plan
Improve reflection skills with a self-coaching model
Learn personal productivity techniques

Part 2:  Outer Resilience

Practice how to handle difficult conversations
Learn how to create a culture of well-being on your team or organization using techniques like walking meetings and more
Learn techniques to transform failure into learning

This master class will be participatory.  We will have some content delivery, but participants can expect to be engaged in conversation, out-of-the box exercises, and even a walking meeting.

Presented by Beth Kanter, Author & International Nonprofit Thought Leader