Heidi Khokhar

Heidi Khokhar is the Executive Director of Rural Development Initiatives. Her RDI journey began in 1998 when she helped assist on several community strategic plans and discovered her passion for helping rural communities thrive. Khokhar participated in RDI’s Rural Futures Forum where she fell in love with the transformational power of leadership development. She could never have anticipated that her own rural background would so passionately align with RDI’s mission, nor that she would make building leadership and encouraging prosperity in rural communities my career. A lot has changed since 1998. Over the years, Khokhar has worked directly in over 50 rural communities in the Pacific Northwest and with a vast network of rural leaders through RDI’s Ford Institute Leadership Program. She helped design, deliver, and author the leadership program and, for seven years, managed the expansion of what is now the army of highly engaged volunteer leaders which make up the Community Ambassador Team. She is excited about the future of RDI, and as Executive Director, she is committed to RDI’s vision of vibrant, diverse rural communities as a result of skilled, inclusive local leadership and robust community-led efforts.



Heidi’s Tuesday Session:

Nonprofit Strategy Revolution: Cutting-Edge Real-Time Strategic Planning for a Rapidly Changing World

  • Are you responsible for ushering your organization’s mission into the future?
  • How do you create a strategic plan when change is the new normal?

Join Doug Green as he guides you through a dynamic new approach to organization-level strategy that you can apply to your nonprofit now.  This engaging workshop is intended for executive directors, senior staff members and board members responsible for developing a comprehensive strategy for their organization.  This will be a highly interactive workshop using case studies, discussion and breakout sessions to help you advance your goals for your nonprofit’s future.

In this workshop you will build your organization’s capacity with a practical set of tools developed by La Piana Consulting, and explore strategy development using your own nonprofit as a case study.  Doug will help you develop clarity about your organization’s long-term direction by giving you adaptive tools to guide your day-to-day responses to new information and keep your nonprofit aligned with its organizational strategy.

You will leave this workshop with an armload of tools!  In addition to the tools used in the workshop, take home material will include sample agendas, worksheets, and a resource list to support strategic planning within your organization. You will also be given access to electronic templates that can be put into practice right away!  Join Doug Green and complete the day inspired and prepared!

Presented by Doug Green, Senior Consultant, La Piana Consulting