Beth Kanter

Beth Kanter is a well-established international nonprofit thought leader.  Her first book “The Networked Nonprofit,” introduced the sector to a new way of thinking and operating in a connected world.  Her second book, “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,” is a practical guide for using measurement and learning to achieve social impact.   She published her third book “Happy, Healthy Nonprofit:  Strategies for Impact without Burnout” in 2016. She also co-authored the “Emerging Nonprofit Leader’s Playbook,” funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.   She is the author of Beth’s Blog where she writes about networks, data, learning, training,  facilitation techniques, nonprofit organizational culture and self-care for nonprofit professionals. Her blog is one of the longest running and most popular nonprofit blogs.

Beth has over 35 years working in the nonprofit sector in technology, training, and capacity building and has facilitated trainings for nonprofits on every continent in the world (except Antarctica).   She is experienced in participatory facilitation techniques such as design thinking, open space, peer learning, and more.  She has over twenty years of experience facilitating online and virtual meetings.  She is an in-demand keynote speaker and workshop leader.   Named one of the most influential women in technology by Fast Company and one of the BusinessWeek’s “Voices of Innovation for Social Media,” Beth was Visiting Scholar at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation 2009-2013.  

Her past and current clients include Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Kauffman Foundation, Gates Foundation, Brainerd Foundation, Knight Foundation, Knight Digital Media Center, Edutopia, HHS, and others.  She currently serves as adjunct professor at Middlebury where she prepares graduate students for their internships at international nonprofits and how to use online networking tools to advance their careers.  She on the board of NTEN and Leadership Learning Community.



Beth’s Monday Session:

Becoming A Networked Nonprofit & The Three C’s of Social Media: Content, Champions, and Channels

Networked nonprofits and the people who lead them are taking advantage of social media’s ability to facilitate and expand their impact by connecting, building, and establishing trust with people in their networks.  Social media can be a valuable engagement channel in your online fundraising plan or to promote your nonprofit’s brand or programs. But the crowds won’t come flocking and open their wallets unless your organization creates a robust strategy based on the three C’s of social media.  Your strategy must include compelling content that uses best practices in storytelling and an army of champions who can influence others and generate buzz about your organization.   And finally, your organization must optimize engagement, organic content and paid social content across social media channels to build your fundraising prospect list.

Takeaways include an overview of digital trends: what has changed, what is the same and what that means for your fundraising strategy; how to identify, cultivate and deploy champions and influencers to support your digital strategy; and practical tips for engagement, content, paid social content, and champions on social media channels


Presented by Beth Kanter, Author & International Nonprofit Thought Leader

Beth’s Tuesday Session:

The Happy Healthy Nonprofit:  Resilience from the Inside Out

This day-long workshop is about why self-care is part of doing effective nonprofit work, how to practice it, and how nonprofits can bring a culture of wellbeing into their workplaces and get better results – save money, increase productivity, and attract top talent.

To succeed in a complex world, nonprofit leaders need to build their resilience by developing robust skills in self-awareness and self-management.  Stress and the resulting burnout can be self-inflicted unless we learn how our inner dialogue drives our actions and we incorporate a strategy to make self-care a regular habit.

It isn’t just about our inner-self, it is also how we relate to other people and manage those relationships, especially in the workplace. If we lack the skills to avoid collaborative overload, manage difficult conversations, learn from failure, or create a culture of well being, the resulting physical, emotional, and mental strain gets in the way of our organization’s success.

This master class will focus on practical ways that fundraisers can build resilience for themselves and their team.  Together we can overcome the pitfalls of negative habits and toxic workplace environments to develop a replenishable source of energy, inspiration, and joy.

Part 1:  Inner Resilience

Understand how to avoid burnout by creating a self-care plan
Improve reflection skills with a self-coaching model
Learn personal productivity techniques

Part 2:  Outer Resilience

Practice how to handle difficult conversations
Learn how to create a culture of well-being on your team or organization using techniques like walking meetings and more
Learn techniques to transform failure into learning

This master class will be participatory.  We will have some content delivery, but participants can expect to be engaged in conversation, out-of-the box exercises, and even a walking meeting.

Presented by Beth Kanter, Author & International Nonprofit Thought Leader