Adam Davis

Adam Davis is the executive director of Oregon Humanities, which works toward an Oregon that invites diverse perspectives, explores challenging questions, and strives for just communities. Before joining Oregon Humanities in 2013, Davis directed the Center for Civic Reflection, where he trained thousands of discussion facilitators and founded “Justice Talking,” a program for AmeriCorps and other service organizations across the country.

Davis has edited several books, including The Civically Engaged Reader and Taking Action, interviewed dozens of authors and thinkers in front of audiences across Oregon, and taught literature and philosophy for many years in the Odyssey Project and Humanity in Perspective, college courses for adults living near the poverty line. He also co-founded and directed Camp of Dreams, which provides year-round educational and cultural programming to underserved young people on Chicago’s west and south side. Davis received his PhD from the University of Chicago, and he used to lead wilderness trail crews in the Pacific Northwest.



Gregory Boyle’s Monday Sessions:

Save the World… or Savor It? Being Reached by the Widow, Orphan and Stranger

Keynote Address by Gregory Boyle, Founder, Homeboy Industries

Jesuit priest, author, speaker, and world-renowned expert in gang intervention, Gregory J. Boyle will deliver the 2019 ONLC Keynote Address.

In his keynote address, Gregory Boyle will share how compassion, kindness, and kinship are the tools to fight despair and decrease marginalization.  Through his stories and parables, all will be reminded that no life is less valuable than another.”  

Boyle is the founder of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, California. From 1986 to 1992, Fr. Boyle served as pastor of Dolores Mission Church, then the poorest Catholic parish in the city, located between two large public housing projects and the territories of numerous gangs. There, he and parish and community members started what would eventually become Homeboy Industries, now the largest, most successful gang intervention, rehabilitation, and re­entry program in the world. Homeboy trains and employs former gang members in a range of social enterprises, as well as provides critical services to more than 10,000 people who walk through its doors every year seeking a better life

Lessons from the Field: Kinship as an Intervention

Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, California, dates its beginnings to 1988 and is now the largest gang intervention, rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world.  Homeboy is a community of kinship in which those seeking to leave the gang life behind can find hope and receive support to redefine their lives.  In essence, Homeboy helps former gang members discover and inhabit their true selves.  Gregory Boyle will speak about universal kinship and redemption, and how the healing power of unconditional love reminds us that no life is less valuable than another.

Presented by Gregory Boyle, Founder, Homeboy Industries