Lindsey B. Jones

From wanderlust to Woman of the Year (Cave Junction Chamber of Commerce, 2015), Lindsey B. Jones has called the Illinois Valley home since 2010.  She started with a simple yoga business and became a founding member and yoga teacher for IVCanDO’s 2013 Organization of the Year, Healthy U.

Lindsey completed the Ford Institute Leadership Program in 2012 and continued to facilitate the program as a Community Ambassador.  Becoming increasingly interested in Community Building she serves as Illinois Valley Community Development Organization’s Community Outreach officer, a member of Illinois Valley Network and on the Illinois Valley 20/20 Community Vision & Strategic Plan Steering Group.

Trained clown and physical theater performer, she is also teaches theatre for RiverStars Performing Arts, which provides dance and theater classes and performance opportunities to Illinois Valley youth.

In 2016, she was elected Cave Junction City Council President.

Lindsey B. Jones’ Tuesday Session:

The Critical Role Nonprofits Play in Embodying and Strengthening Civil Society

This in-depth three-hour session will offer participants a chance to think critically about how you approach both external advocacy and internal decision-making, and how those approaches can either degrade or strengthen the foundations of our civil society based on democratic principles. We will discuss a continuum of engagement from the perspective of the nonprofit organization, including:
  • Engaging in advocacy to influence policies that effect your target populations/causes.
  • Encouraging your target populations to participate in civil society, including not only voting and participating in the census, but also in other ways big and small throughout the year.
  • Examining your own internal processes for making decisions that impact the programs and services you offer, and specifically evaluating if the right people are included.
The session will feature panel discussions interspersed with interactive exercises and dialogue among participants.  Jim White, executive director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, will facilitate discussion among our panelists, who bring a wealth of expertise and personal experiences that inform their own approaches to strengthening civil society through their work:
  • Jesse Beason, President & CEO of the Northwest Health Foundation
  • Michelle Carrillo, Initiative Director, Wild Rivers Community Foundation/Building Healthy Communities
  • Kurt Hildebrand, Executive Director of College Dreams
  • Lindsey B. Jones, Communications Coordinator for Illinois Valley Community Development Organization (IVCanDO)
  • Robin Teater, Executive Director of Healthy Democracy
Participants will leave the session inspired and better prepared to consider their own organization’s opportunities to operate in democratically-principled ways that further empower the people they aim to serve and further strengthen the impact of the community’s voice.