Julia Beattie

Julia Beattie is Chief Lending Officer for Peoples Bank. Julia oversees the Commercial Loan department and enusres existing and new portfolios are managed efficiently. Julia received her Economics and Finance Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Baylor University in Waco, Texas and her Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Texas. Julia began her banking career as a credit analyst with Union Bank of Texas. She is a long time Rotarian and currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Gordon Elwood Foundation and Mt. Ashland Association. Married with three children, and enjoys skiing, hiking, the  symphony, and spending time with her family.

Julia Beattie’s Monday Session:

Building Organizational Resilience: Preparing for Economic Downturns and Other Surprises

Is your organization ready to weather the next economic downturn? Are you prepared to take quick and decisive action to ensure your organization can continue fulfilling its mission despite the ups and downs of the economy or other unforeseen setbacks? Too often, disruptions and upheavals sneak up and surprise us. This session will offer participants critical guidance for making your organization more resilient by planning ahead, getting your finances in order, and learning to recognize the signs of economic downturn before it occurs. You’ll hear from a panel of experts with real-life experience about how data, trends, and specific planned steps can help your nonprofit be more resilient, adapt to changes, and swiftly recover from setbacks. This lively panel discussion, facilitated by Annie Jenkins, Consultant at 28-East, will feature individuals who all gained valuable lessons during the last economic downturn, and who each bring a unique perspective, including the nonprofit sector and the financial services industry: The session will leave participants better-prepared to take preventive action through a list of critical steps before an economic downturn begins.