Polly Williams

Polly Williams has been the Program Officer for The Carpenter Foundation for the last nineteen years.  Prior to that she worked in the nonprofit sector as administrator of a local organization where she developed the skills to successfully submit grant applications to private foundations, businesses and all levels of the government.

Polly’s Monday Session:

Hints for New Grantseekers: How to Get Your Great Idea Funded

You have a great idea that meets an important community need.  Can you get a grant to make it happen? Polly Williams of The Carpenter Foundation will tell you what funders look for in a proposal, including information about your organization and on the project itself.  Learn how to ensure that you submit a “complete application” and hear how foundations decide whether or not to invest in your organization and project. This always popular session is designed for those who are new to grant writing or those who want a refresher on the basics.