Phil Ortega

Phil Ortega, the founder of LifeArt, believes kids will have better lives if they have better alternatives for self-expression.  The organization, which partners with various schools and government agencies has been around since 2009. Phil also works for the Eagle Point School District that supports systemic implementation of programs that reduce chronic absenteeism while encouraging lifelong learning. He believes all children can learn and grow while building trust in our community. Phil facilitates conversations with all partners and stakeholders to support families in need and to help youth in developing coping skills that bridge resiliency.

Phil’s Monday Session:

Engaged and Effective Board Members – What Does It Take?

Board members are at the heart of every nonprofit organization. They act as standard bearers and set policy, act as advocates and fundraisers, set strategy in support of the mission, and strengthen and stabilize the foundation upon which the organization’s staff conducts its work. Both art and science are required to develop and maintain an invigorated, engaged board that can effectively fulfill this complex role.

Jennifer Staton, Program Associate with the Gordon Elwood Foundation, and Jim Maddux, seasoned volunteer and community advocate, will help participants implement a variety of strategies for ensuring your board is engaged and able to effectively move your organization forward. They’ll present actionable ideas in a practical, user-friendly format so participants can put their learnings into practice right away.

This session, designed for board members and staff of both well-established and grassroots organizations, will touch on such topics as board management and expectations, committee structures, communication between board and staff and board and community, optimal use of board meeting time, and evaluation as a valuable tool. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions and participate in the discussion for a shared learning experience.