Paul Nicholson

Paul Nicholson retired as OSF’s Executive Director in December 2012 after 33 years with the company.
During his tenure he saw the Festival become one of the premier theatres in the United States. A New Zealander, Paul has the New Zealand equivalent of an MBA from Victoria University, Wellington. After working for ten years in the corporate world, he led Downstage Theatre, New Zealand’s largest professional theatre, for six years prior to moving to the U.S. and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. He has been a guest lecturer at many universities, is a frequent speaker at theatre and nonprofit leadership conferences and has consulted with many U.S. arts organizations. Paul has been actively involved in arts advocacy and served for many years on the board of the Oregon Cultural Advocacy Coalition. In 1991, he was featured in the PBS series on management, Nothing Ventured. He is a member of Rotary, has participated on many panels for the NEA and the Theatre Communications Group and served for many years on the TCG Board as well as on numerous local boards and committees. He currently serves as an Assistant Governor for Rotary, works with the Arts Committee of the Oregon Community Foundation, and serves on the boards of Southern Oregon University, La Clinica del Valle and the Carpenter Foundation.  He continues to consult with arts organizations throughout North America.

Paul’s Tuesday Session:

The Art of the Strategic Plan – Why, When and How to Do It

Breakfast Leadership Forum
Tuesday, April 16th
7:00am – 8:30am

The Breakfast Leadership Forum is a perfect stand-alone presentation designed for board members and senior staff. It is an opportunity to learn together. Because nonprofit board members may not have time to attend the entire conference, this forum is offered as a separate event –you can attend just this one event or combine it with a full conference registration.

Paul Nicholson‘s special morning presentation is sure to be both engaging and productive, so consider registering several representatives from your organization, enjoy breakfast together, and start the day inspired!

7:00am – 8:30am –  (optional, additional cost – can be added during registration)

The Art of the Strategic Plan – Why, When and How to Do It

Paul Nicholson has built his life around strategic planning and the arts.  What began as a self-assessment and strategic plan of his life’s work in the corporate world led him to change course, ultimately bringing him to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  OSF’s scope and impact grew dramatically over the course of Paul’s more than three-decade tenure as executive director and strategic visionary.

Paul is inspired to use the talents and expertise he has developed to help build better communities.  He believes strategic planning is an essential tool – one that has helped him shape a fulfilling life, and one that can help organizations substantially improve their impact.

In his Tuesday morning presentation, Paul will:

  • Discuss how strategic planning concepts have developed and evolved over the years
  • Highlight case studies from his experience, showing the benefits and challenges of staff and board working together to craft a plan for the future of the organization
  • Outline how planning needs to be adapted to the current needs of the organization – it’s size, budget, and evolutionary stage
  • Answer the question: “OK, so we’ve done the planning. Now how do we work the plan so it’s more than just a pretty document sitting on the shelf?”

Again, you can join us just for Paul Nicholson‘s keynote if you cannot attend the full conference!

Please note:

Registration fee: $25 per person
There are no early bird or group discounts available.
Conference attendance is not required to attend this event.
A separate registration/fee is required for this event.
The fee includes the cost of breakfast.