Matthew Allen Woolsey

Dr. Matthew A. Woolsey is a certified professional coach, consultant, facilitator/trainer, author, and researcher (focus on Asian Indian leadership) with expertise in the areas of communication (executive presence and content structure), leadership development, and building high performing teams (including cross‐cultural teams).

His career spans the professional services sector (Learning & Development leader in management consulting), non-profit, and higher education bringing over 20 years of experience to each new challenge. The recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Broadcasting from Washington State University, Dr. Woolsey holds a bachelor’s in Communication (Broadcasting), a master’s in Education Administration, and a doctorate in Higher Education and Organizational Change.

Matthew has over 20 years of experience in Management, Organisation Development and
Learning Consultancy across all sectors including corporate, non‐profit, and higher education. Matthew led training and leadership development initiatives at ZS Associates (and other organizations crossing all business sectors and geographical locations), a multinational consulting firm, which included curriculum leadership design company‐wide (North America, Europe, and Asia). Dr. Woolsey is the Founder and Managing Director of Transformational Energy Leadership, a communication and leadership executive coaching, training, and consulting firm. He also hosts a weekly call‐in radio talk show with VoiceAmerica called Transformational Energy Leadership that hosts thought leaders from all walks of life to share their perspectives on leadership. Matthew is also the Director of Leadership Programs at Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP). Dr. Woolsey is an adjunct professor teaching courses in public speaking and critical thinking.



Matthew A. Woolsey’s Tuesday Session:

Life in the Fast Lane, Developing a Personal Plan

Is your life in the FAST lane? How do others perceive you? What are you doing to connect with others?

Dr. Woolsey knows that work in the nonprofit sector has a way of taking a toll, but by re-nourishing yourself you can provide intentional support and engagement with your teams, your board, and one another.

This interactive and experiential workshop is designed with YOU at the core, focusing on how you are living life to your full potential and maximum energy.  To do this requires self-reflection on what energizes you and what minimizes you.

Employing the Functional Assessment Screening Tool, or F.A.S.T., Dr. Woolsey will help you define where you are at now, and offer solutions to find a healthy path to your best work.

The lens then shifts to how you present yourself to others as first impressions are made in a very short period of time with a small window to really make sure your personal brand is understood.

The final component of this workshop hones in on the power of emotionally connecting with others in the most genuine, authentic, and purest form through the power of curiosity.

Wrap up the day inspired and with your own personal development plan for your life and your work!

Presented by Dr. Matthew Allen WoolseyFounder, Transformational Energy Leadership