Laura Lillman

Laura Lillman serves as the Supervisor of Volunteer Services for Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center. She earned her MBA degree from Eastern Oregon University and has worked in the non-profit healthcare industry for the past 15 years. She has served in a variety of positions as both an employee and a volunteer.

During her tenure as Supervisor of Volunteer Services at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center Laura has developed the program to the point where it engages over 300 participants. The volunteers with whom she works impact the lives of hundreds of patients, staff and visitors and increase the effectiveness of the health care that is both offered and received.

Laura is passionate about the field of volunteerism and views it as the backbone of the non-profit sector. She is looking forward to sharing the tools she uses to grow volunteer communities.


Laura Lillman’s Monday Session:

Establishing and Maintaining a Volunteer Workforce: A Practical Approach

For many nonprofits, volunteers are fundamental participants in the delivery of the organization’s mission. But how can you harness the potential impact that can occur through volunteers without a practical volunteer management approach? In this session, Laura Lillman, Supervisor of Volunteer Services for Asante, will lead participants in understanding the fundamental strategies and tactics for recruiting, maintaining and recognizing volunteers. She will discuss how to attract potential volunteers with a compelling recruitment message, maintain a pool of fulfilled volunteers by developing a sense of dedication tied to the organization’s mission and pathways to more significant volunteer roles, and regularly recognize and celebrate volunteers to ensure continued engagement. Participants will be able to implement practical and tangible takeaways for managing an effective volunteer workforce over time, using take-home resources that will support a deeper dive into the nuances of volunteerism. This session will be beneficial for anyone whose role involves recruiting, organizing and overseeing volunteers.