Gilda Montenegro-Fix

Gilda Montenegro-Fix is a Costa Rican woman, mother, wife, adventurous world traveler and global citizen.

She represented her country in two Olympic Games (Barcelona ‘92 and Atlanta ‘96), in the sport of whitewater slalom kayak, being the only woman from all Latin America to compete in this discipline.

Gilda studied Psychology at the University of Costa Rica, she worked as a bilingual/bicultural family advocate with multicultural low-income families for 10 years in Hawaii and Medford, and later became a certified trainer in Cultural Competency by the Cross-Cultural Healthcare Program in Seattle (pioneer in the field). She is an Associate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) trainer with Luminary Communications. She is also a currently Certified Medical Interpreter and translator.

Ms. Montenegro-Fix is the founder and senior consultant of Celebrate Diversity!, a consulting and training firm in Cultural Agility. Having worked in the fields of outdoor leadership, social work, early childhood, family support, cross cultural communication and EDI, she is passionate about facilitating understanding, cultivating harmony and building bridges that connect us all.

Gilda Montenegro Fix’s Tuesday Session:

Recognizing the Invisible Systems in Which We Operate: Advanced Cultural Agility Skills

Has your organization hit a plateau in your Cultural Agility (CA)/ Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) efforts? Do you wonder what could help foster deeper change? This in-depth session will help you better understand the unseen systems that create inequities, and analyze how you can reclaim your power to create better outcomes for the communities your organization serves. Gilda Montenegro-Fix, senior Cultural Agility consultant and trainer, will lead this interactive three-hour session tailored for intermediate and advanced CA/EDI champions and supporters. She will help us see the unseen systems in which our nonprofits function – the “water we are swimming in” – which operate with our unconscious participation. If you have prior CA/EDI knowledge and are ready to be a stronger supporter and champion of CA/EDI at your organization, then this workshop is for you. Gilda will guide you on a journey of discovery, assessing your organization’s current reality, getting inspired to reach your goals, and taking action informed by new clarity. Workshop participants will be able to: 
  • Analyze your identity through an equity lens 
  • Discuss systemic oppression (distinguishing it from individual prejudice or institutional exclusion) and list some of its effects on those we work with 
  • Apply tools for interrupting oppressive situations, and identify and practice equity advocate behaviors