Carl Lee

Carl Lee has been a national touring comedian who has appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and on The Bob and Tom Show. Carl has performed at the North Carolina and Redwood Comedy Festivals.  He has also worked with great comics such as Ron White.  Locally, Carl is a promoter and manages Chadwick’s Comedy Club.  Carl also knows the human service sector as he is currently employed by Columbia Care and has worked with On-Track, Hearts with a Mission, YMCA, DreamzWork, and Options for Southern Oregon.



Carl Lee’s Monday Session:

Using Humor to Spark Joy and Creativity 

Ditch the “lunch & learn” and come to this “laugh & learn!” A good joke packs a harder punch than many other forms of dialogue, and it can reach people who would otherwise be unwilling to listen.  Nonprofit staff and volunteers regularly act as storytellers, and when you add a laugh, you can really make your story pop! Humor can also diffuse challenging or awkward encounters and help build camaraderie among stakeholders. Carl Lee is a national touring comedian who locally manages Chadwick’s Comedy Club. He’s also worked and volunteered with several human services organizations throughout the Rogue Valley. Carl will share what he’s learned about leveraging humor within the nonprofit sector, engaging participants in exercises to foster creativity, content, logic, timing, and perspective. Carl will review a variety of comedic devices, such as repetition, hyperbole, understatement, double entendre, puns, juxtaposition, mistaken identity, taboo, timing, slapstick, stereotype, parody, spoof, satire, sarcasm, irony, self-deprecation, prop humor, oxymoron, absurdity, and the rule of three. You’ll enjoy some comedy along the way, and leave with a good solid joke and an understanding of your best comedic style.