Meyer Memorial Trust

Meyer Memorial Trust
425 NW 10th Avenue, Suite 400
Portland, OR 97209

Contact Person: Candy Solovjovs

Phone: 503.228.5512

Contact E-mail:

Program Funding Areas:

Equitable education, affordable housing, healthy environment, and building communities (including efforts to increase equity in systems and communities, to build community through inclusive arts and cultures and to increase civic engagement).

Geographic Area Served by Grants:


Do you fund general operating costs for non-profits? If so, under what conditions?

Yes, check our portfolio guidelines for details.

Application Process:

Our open call for proposals in Spring 2016 will have a two-step process with an inquiry application, followed by a full proposal and site visit for those invited to apply. Funding will also be available through RFP processes during the year, primarily through our Willamette River Initiative and Affordable Housing Initiative. See our website for more details and sign up for our e-newsletter to receive application announcements.

Preferred contact from potential grantees:

Options include:

  • submitting questions via email to
  • by phone at 503-228-5512 (just ask to speak to a program staff person)
  • by phone or email to a specific program staff.

Staff and contact information is available on our website at


Other information for potential grantees: 

We have recently focused our funding priorities, restructured our programs and application processes. Please be sure to check out the new information on our website carefully, contact us with any questions and look for new information throughout the coming year.

To stay up to date on our future grantmaking direction, please sign up for our news alerts at

The Meyer Memorial Trust continues to refine its grant process. Please review the Trust website for changes in the process prior to submitting a grant proposal.