The Collins Foundation





The Collins Foundation
1618 SW First Avenue, Suite 505
Portland, OR 97201

Contact Person:  Jackie Murphy, Program Officer

Phone: 503.227.7171

Contact E-mail:

Program Funding Areas:

Community Welfare, Arts and Humanities, Education, Children and Youth, Health and Science, Environment, Religion

Geographic Area Served by Grants:

Statewide, responsive grantor

Types of Support Offered:

Capital, Project/Program, Capacity Building, Operations. Single year to multi-year grant awards (3 years maximum)

Do you fund general operating costs for non-profits? If so, under what conditions?

Yes, perhaps less frequently than other types of support, but awarded when circumstances warrant a period of support to allow an agency “breathing room” to move forward on other important fronts; or to help an agency integrate internal changes or withstand external changes.

Restrictions/ Limitations:

Awards are not made to individuals, public educational institutions, individual religious congregations, or for the purpose of funding development and marketing personnel, annual fundraising activities, endowments, financial emergencies, and debt repayment. Animal welfare, one-day events and conferences, technical assistance, and planning and research related requests are generally not competitive. Projects/programs that serve only a narrow audience may be a lower priority, unless they focus on underserved or special needs communities.

Application Process:

All organizations must complete a one-time registration on our application portal. We recommend you register at least three days in advance of an LOI deadline, as registration may take a few days to be approved.

The grant review process begins when the Foundation receives a completed letter of inquiry and usually requires sixteen weeks. Each LOI is read by a group of reviewers and evaluated against the Foundation’s guidelines and priorities. Applicants generally receive a response to their LOI via email 2-4 weeks after the LOI due date below. Those organizations invited to continue past the LOI stage will generally have 3-5 weeks to complete and submit a full proposal, after which Foundation staff may request additional written material and an interview or a site visit in order to gain more information about your work.

The Foundation’s trustees generally make funding decisions within 10 weeks of receiving a full proposal. Once a request has been funded or declined, the applicant is notified promptly. Foundation trustees meet six times annually. Please check our website for specific LOI deadline dates and awarding timelines.

Preferred contact from potential grantees: Please add at the end of what is currently there —  We also encourage prospective applicants to review our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Preferred contact from potential grantees:

Email preferred preliminarily. From there, we can set up phone calls, conference calls, and meetings, depending on the need of the organization.

We would like potential grantees to know…

The Foundation generally prefers to support an organization’s highest priority, and participate with other funders on significant projects.

The Collins Foundation seeks to be a diverse and inclusive organization and racial equity is a high priority in our grantmaking. Further, we promote inclusion for all communities that are systematically denied access to resources and the opportunity to make decisions on matters that affect them, particularly people of color, immigrants and refugees, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, low-income individuals and families, and rural communities. More information on the Foundation’s equity commitment can be found in our 2015 Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

The Collins Foundation continues to refine its grant process. Please review the Foundation website for changes in the process prior to submitting a grant proposal.