James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation

Marion Miller

James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation
520 SW Yamhill Suite 520
Portland, OR 97204


Contact Person: Jennifer Allen

Phone: 971-940-1137

Contact E-mail: jennifer@millerfound.org

Program Funding Areas:

Arts & Education

Geographic Area Served by Grants:


Types of Support Offered:

Our primary interests in arts funding are artistic programming, audience building and
organizational stability, and strengthening financial capacity.

We fund:
1.  Project support
2. Capacity-building support
3. Change capital

We primarily fund K-12 public schools and partnerships between nonprofit organizations and schools which support improved student learning in core curriculum with measurable results. We are particularly interested in funding projects that produce demonstrable student success among populations that are performing below state-identified averages.

We fund:
1. General support
2. Project support
3. Capacity-building support

Do you fund general operating costs for non-profits? If so, under what conditions?

We fund general operating support by invitation only

Restrictions/ Limitations:

The Foundation does not fund:

  •  Capital projects
  •  Equipment-only grants
  •  Institutions of higher education (colleges, universities)
  •  Private education
  •  Pre-K education (except by initiative)
  •  Camps and summer programs
  •  Physical education or sports
  •  Environmental education
  •  After-school enrichment programs
  •  In-school arts assemblies or school trips to arts performances

Application Process:

Apply online at www.millerfound.org.

Preferred contact from potential grantees:

We welcome both call or emails!

The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation continues to refine its grant process. Please review the Foundation website for changes in the process prior to submitting a grant proposal.