Meet the Funders – Session #1

A face-to-face conversation with a grantmaker can sometimes make all the difference in determining if your program aligns with their competitive criteria. It can help you figure out how to articulate your organization’s value to the right funders, and decide which funders’ grant programs you should focus on with your limited valuable time. The perennially popular Meet the Funders session offers participants the chance to meet with foundation representatives in small group settings for quick and valuable conversations. With our new structure for 2020, you'll rotate three times to a different table hosted by a particular funder. You'll have exactly two minutes at each table to give your "elevator speech" about your organization or a specific program for which you're seeking funding. You won't be able to meet with every funder in attendance, so do your advanced research to prioritize by reading about the attending funders HERE. Participants of this session are encouraged to also register for The Changing Landscape of Grants panel discussion session on Monday at 9:30am. Furthermore, our lunch break offers additional unstructured time to mingle with funders and fellow nonprofit leaders alike. Click HERE to read about the 2020 participating foundations.

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