John Tapogna

john tapogna pictureJohn Tapogna is President of ECONorthwest and oversees the firm’s overall business strategy and operations. Since his arrival at ECONorthwest in 1997, Tapogna has built practices in education, healthcare, human service, and tax policy. In education, he has directed evaluations of dropout prevention programs, the impacts of small class sizes, and the efficacy of small schools for clients like the Chalkboard Project, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Seattle Public Schools. He has also overseen the development of award-winning software tools in eight states that help low-income families, seniors, people with disabilities and veterans understand their eligibility for safety-net programs.

Prior to joining ECONorthwest, Tapogna was an analyst at the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, where he forecasted the nation’s welfare spending and estimated the cost of key congressional legislation. He holds degrees from the University of Oregon and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.